The Condition of the Book The Lives of the Companions (حياة الصحابة) – Shaikh Muqbil bin Haadi al-Waadi’ee 

Question: What is your opinion of the book The Lives of the Companions by Kandhlawi? Answer: “The book The Lives of the Companions has in it Ahaaadith that are authentic, Ahaadith that are weak, Ahaadith which are fabricated, and false stories. So it is not necessary to rely upon it. However, we advise (you) to read The Merits of the Companions…

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The Ruling on a Woman Travelling to Hajj or Umrah Without a Mahram – Shaikh Muhammad bin Hizaam and Shaikh Ibn ul-‘Uthaymeen

Shaikh Muhammad bin Hizaam (may Allah preserve him) wrote: “A group of the People of Knowledge took the opinion that a Mahram is a condition for the obligation of making Hajj and this enters into the expenses which Allah mentions: “those who can afford the expenses” [3:97]. It is the opinion of Ahmad, Ishaaq, ath-Thawri, ash-Shafi’ee in one statement, Ibn…

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