The Ruling on Viewing Pornography on the Internet – Shaikh Zaid al-Madkhali

Question: From Algeria the questioner says: what is the ruling on one who entered into pornographic websites on the internet and viewed what is prohibited by Allah. What is your advise to him?

Answer: “There is no difference in its ruling with the People of Imaan in that he has committed a great sin. Allah observes him while he is in disobedience. So it is obligatory upon him to be shy of Allah, the Exalted. The One who recompenses the good doer for his goodness and increases him from His bounty. And He recompenses the evil doer in accordance to his [evil] action out of wisdom from Him and justice. So it is for those people who use these means to commit sins and fall into the prohibitions, to fear Allah. Even if they have been negligent of Allah, He is not negligent of them. What is better for them is to hasten, as long as the soul is in the body, towards sincere repentance. And to leave off the evil action, be resolved not to return to it again, and to follow good deeds after that which will expiate the sin. Allah will change their sins into good deeds as He promised them and His promise is truth. Yes”
Translated by
Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan
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