The Ruling on Benefiting From New Year’s Discounts – Shaikh Muhammad Ibn Hizaam

Question: The questioner says: The stores in our land give big discounts in celebration of the New Year. Is it allowed for him to obtain from this merchandise [i.e. purchase merchandise during this occasion]?

Answer: “It is as if he means that he purchases during this time in which the prices decrease. If they benefit from participation in the likes of these days- they benefit from money or in terms of other benefits, then he should stay away. As for it there is no benefit from that,  but they are only happy for their festival and a person goes to purchase an item he needs at a discounted price, then we do not know what prevents that, and Allah Knows Best. This is due to him not going to places in which he participates with them in gathering. Also that they do not gather these items in specific places to which he goes and participates with them in gathering. Therefore, it does not occur from him what gives the feeling of [him] participating in this joy. It is only that he is benefiting from the discounted prices and purchasing [the items] for himself”


Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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