The Ruling on Praying Behind the Ibaadiyyah – Shaikh Ahmad an-Najmi

Question: the questioner says: what is the ruling on the prayer behind the Ibaadiyyah? If a person lives in an area which there are Ibaadiyyah and he leaves before work ends to go outside the area for the prayer. What is the ruling on this action of his?

Answer: “This action of his is good and the Ibaadiyyah have innovations with them”


Translator’s Note:

Imam Ibn Battaal (may Allah have mercy upon him) said: “…Ashhab reported that Malik (may Allah have mercy upon him) said: I do not like the prayer behind the Ibaadiyyah and the Waasiliyyah nor residing in a land with them” [Sharh Saheeh al-Bukhari of Ibn Battaal (2/404)]

Translated by

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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