The Conditions to Teach the Book The Prophet’s Prayer Described – Shaikh al-Albani

Questioner: We are from those who love [you] and we want to teach The Prophet’s Prayer Described in Masjid Umar

Shaikh: Alright

Questioner: Abu Layl said to see the opinion of the Shaikh [about teaching it]?

Shaikh: The opinion of the Shaikh is that if you are a Haafidh (memorizer) of The Prophet’s Prayer Described by heart, first, and then apply it with a correct application secondly, and then if you have the preparedness not to war with the people, thirdly, then you are [one who can teach it]

Shaikh: Clear?

Questioner: It is clear O our Shaikh

Questioner: May Allah reward you Shaikh

Shaikh: is the first condition met?

Questioner Inshallah our Shaikh

Shaikh: The second condition?

Questioner: By Allah’s permission

Shaikh: the third?

Questioner: Inshallah

Shaikh: Alright, go ahead [and teach it]

Questioner: May Allah honor you Shaikh…”

[Silsiltul-Huda wan-Nur (no. 564)]

Translated by

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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