The Ruling on Performing Ruqyah Through Phones and Media Outlets – Shaikh Salih bin Muhammad al-Luhaydaan

Question: May Allah be good to you. This questioner asks your eminence about one of the Raqi’s who performs ruqyah through the satellite channels. The people call this channel and then he performs ruqyah through the phone.

Answer: “This is good. The ruqyah of a Islamic Scholar is all good, whether it is ruqyah to cure the illnesses of the heart or the sicknesses of the body and to relieve the people from the [need to go to the] hospitals for these affairs. As for [this action], it is from play/frivolity in the actions of ruqyah”



The Shaikh was also asked:

Question: What is the ruling on ruqyah through media outlets? Nowadays the means have increased. Some people say it is allowed to benefit from ruqyah from a tape which you use in your car or use through a device. Some see that it can be done through the phone. You call a raqi and he performs ruyqah through the phone. Nowadays there has appeared many means like the satellite channels. A person appears on it and performs ruqyah upon the people and they are in their homes. Can you give advice on that.

Answer: “I do not see the validity of that and it has dangerous dimensions. It is necessary to have concern for what was established at the time of the Prophet (ﷺ). The Prophet (ﷺ) used to perform ruqyah for the one who needed it face to face. Ruqyah is performed by a raqi using verses from the Quran or Prophetic supplications with blowing and light spitting. How can one perform ruqyah on someone who is in Japan, the far east? As for supplication, then there is no harm. Let him supplicate for him. As for taking this ruqyah as a means, and opening places for people, and websites for ruqyah where requests are made and fulfilled, then I do not view that to be in accordance to the foundations of the Shariah and its principles” .



Translated by

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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