Is there Riyaa (Showing Off) in Wudu? – Shaikh Salih Ala Shaikh

Question: If Riyaa occurs during wudu it nullifies part of the wudu. What does someone do [in that case]? Do they repeat the wudu?

Answer: “In Wudu, do not turn your attention to such an action. Rather perform the Legislated wudu and do not pay attention to whether you committed Riyaa or not. If one performs a Legislated wudu, then it suffices him even if it comes to his heart that so and so is looking at me. Why? This is because the Legislated amount needed to perform wudu does not have Riyaa in it. The obligated amount needed to perform wudu no one will show off in it. Wudu performed by washing each limb once, then it is not done to show off. If he shows off in something recommended, then the additional actions are nullified. He wont be rewarded for the second washing of the limbs nor is he rewarded for the third washing. The origin of his wudu remains valid. This is from one angle. From a second angle, opening this door is dangerous because it exposes a person to satanic whispers. For there is a Shaytan for wudu who whispers to a person as it is established in the Saheeh. It is obligatory for a servant to rid himself of these satanic whispers. There is no Riyaa in wudu. The obligatory wudu, there is no Riyaa. So be relieved and there is no need to repeat the wudu due to that. So beware of the satanic whispers in relation to wudu. For this is an entrance from the entrances of the great Shaytan”.



Translated by:

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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