Some Advice About Snapchat – Shaikh Ali at-Tuwayjiri

Shaikh Ali at-Tuwayjiri (may Allah preserve him) said in regards to Snapchat:

“…In reality we are in calamity in this time period. Nowadays we have what is called Snapchat and this type of speech. A person takes a picture of everything for you. That is, if you follow his Snapchat, you will see things which you will not see even if he ate next to you! You wont see it. However, he takes the picture himself. [You see in it] how he eats, how does he ride, where does he go. Then what my brother? What will this lead to? By Allah, there is no good in picture-taking. A person needs concealment my brother, if Allah, the Exalted concealed you. Especially those who take pictures of some of the congregants and some of the people without their consent. It is not allowed to take a picture of someone without the permission of that person. Even if we were to say that it is permissible to take pictures with these devices, you still cannot take a picture of me except with my permission. If you wanted to give me water, you cannot force me [to accept it]. You would take my permission. If I want it [I will take it] or otherwise you cannot force me. And no one says water is haram for one who is not fasting. [Nowadays] if someone [wants to] take a picture of you, then a picture is taken of you. You are not pleased that you are seen in this [type of] situation. Some of them do things which are not good. They take a picture/video and then go to a specific part of it and make the person’s mouth open. They make his mouth appear open and then take a picture of this scene. So the people think that this man is always like this (i.e. in this condition). Do not harm him. Leave off picture-taking. There is no good in picture-taking my brother. It is sufficient for you that Allah spread the Religion of Muhammad (ﷺ) for 1400 years through clarification and writing. Not through picture-taking ever! Yes

Source: (starting at the 1:48 min mark)

Translated by

Faisal bin Abdul Qaadir bin Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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