Salatu Tasabeeh – Sheikh Muqbil ibn Haadi al-Waad’iee

Question: What is the authenticity of Salatu Tasabeeh?

Answer: The scholars have differed in this matter. As for Ibn Jawzi he mentioned it in Al- Mawdooa’at. Some of our contemporary scholars ruled it as fabricated.  As for Ibn Nasirud Deen Ad-Dimishqee then he has a treatise on its authentication. Also likewise the brother Saleem Al-Hilali has a treatise in its authentication.

The truth is that it [the Hadeeth] is upright to be used as evidence. Nothing comes from it except a narration in Abu Dawood from al-Hakim bin Abaan Al-Adni from ‘Ikreemah from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said to ‘Abbas such and such. So this Hadeeth is upright to be used as evidence. This is all and we ask Allah, the All-Mighty to facilitate for us and you that which He loves and is pleased with. And all praise is due to Allah.

[Taken From: https://muqbel.net/fatwa.php?fatwa_id=1363]

Translated by

Abu Mus’ab Saad As-Salafi

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