Conflict between congregational prayer and an Exam – Shaikh Al-Albani

Question: If the time for congregational prayer conflicts with the time of an exam or in the middle of it, then what is the response?

Answer: The one who enrolls into the likes of this school, which establishes in it methodologies or rules that do not observe the ruling of the shariah, then it is obvious that it will have a result that opposes the shariah.

So the one who wants to hold tightly to the Sunnah does not want to belong to an education or a methodology which oppose the Shairah. If he then does [this], he will not come with the likes of this question because he is not capable of wasting those years which he spent in acquiring [the education]. Like that, it is upon a person to seek knowledge upon the correct academic methodology because what is built upon good is good and what is built upon falsehood is falsehood.

[Taken from Fataawa al-‘Emaaraat no. 27 as cited in al-Masaail al-‘ilmiyyah wa Fatawaa ash-Shar’iah Fatawaa Shaikh al-‘Allamah Muhammad Nasruddin al-Albani fi Madinah wal-‘Emaraat pg. 103]

Translated by Faisal ibn Abdul Qaadir ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan
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