How to refute Athiests – Shaykh Mohammad bin Saleh Al-Uthaymeen

Question: However we find the atheists,for example, and they are plenty today and they are intelligent because they think and produce. However, they agreed upon the in-existence of Allah. So how do you refute the likes of these?

Answer: First, I want to comment on your statement: they are intelligent. If you mean by intellect, the intellect of comprehension, then yes they are intelligent, comprehending, and understanding. If you mean by that the intellect of guidance, then they are not intelligent. Like this, Allah described the disbelievers as dumb, mute, and blind. So they do not understand, however, they are intelligent in terms of the intellect of comprehension. Establish the evidence upon them for verily if they say  this [ie. that Allah does not exist],then they say this, in fact, stubbornly

Otherwise, they know that a created door is not capable of creating itself. It is not capable of erecting itself. They know that this door needs to have a carpenter or an iron smith to establish it. It is necessary to have a builder to produce it. Rather they know the food, which they eat and the water, which they drink, must have one to extract it and it must have a grower. They also know that it is not possible for anyone of the people to create this plant or to grow this grain until it is a plant with a stem and fruit.

So they know that and they know that this is from what no human is capable, however they are stubborn.There is no benefit in arguing with a stubborn one and it is not possible for him to accept the truth ever, whoever he may be. If you say to him [for example]: this is the sun and it is in front of of him not before him, so arguing with the likes of these is a waste of time. Da’wah to them is, as some of the people of knowledge said, by dueling and not by arguing.

[Fiqh ul-‘Ebaadaat pg. 31]

Translated by Faisal ibn Abdul Qaadir ibn Hassan

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