The Ruling on Bras and Push-Up Bras – Shaikh Muqbil ibn Haadi al-Waad’iee

Shaikh Muqbil ibn Haadi al-Waadi’ee rahimahullah said:

What is placed on the breasts (i.e. a bra) then there is no harm with it inshallah and there is no problem in it. I do not know of a preventative for this…” [Ajwibatul-Waad’iee ‘an Asilatul Nisaaiyyah pg. 331]

The Shaikh was also asked:

Question: What they [the women] wear of upon the breasts [i.e. the bra]. What is the ruling on it?

Shaikh: Why do they wear it?

Questioner: They fear this breasts will droop/hang

Shaikh: There is no harm in this inshallah. There is nothing [wrong] in it.

Interjector: Some women wear it in order to deceive.

Inerjector: In order to raise her breasts.

Interjector: This because some women have small breasts so they wear this bra to enlarge it. Some have large breasts so it holds them and raises them?

Shaikh:   If it holds them or raises them, then is not harm inshallah.

Questioner: The speech is pertaining to the husband oh Shaikh. The speech is pertaining to a [wife] in front of a husband.

Shaikh: In front of a husband. I do not know of a preventative for this.

Questioner: A woman also places a barrier between her breast and clothing fearing that breast milk will come on the clothing or the likes.

Shaikh: I do not know of a preventative for this”.

[Anaqeed Karaamah Bi Isaabah ‘Ala Asilah Nisaa Ahlul-Tuhaamah pg. 53-54]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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