The Ruling on Raising the Hands When Seeking Forgiveness for the Deceased After Burial – Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbad and Shaikh Fawzaan

Shaikh Abdul -Muhsin al-‘Abbad hafidhuhallah was asked:

Question: Do you raise your hands in this dua [i.e. When seeking forgiveness for the deceased after the burial]?

Answer: “The affair in that is spacious. We do not know of something that proves its affirmation nor denial. So a person can raise his hands [if he wills] or he does not raise his hands [if he wills]”.

[Sharh Sunan Abi Dawood no. 370]

Translator’s Note:

However, Shaikh Fawzan said that one should raise his hands because raising the hands is a means for the supplication to be answered [https://www.alfawzan.af.org.sa/node/12963]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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