The Ruling on Denim/Jeans – Shaikh Ibn ul-‘Uthaymeen

Question: There is a type of cloth called Jeans, which is cut in different ways for the clothing for children: boys, girls, and other than them. It is distinguished for its durability. The problem is that this material is worn by the disbelievers and other than them in the form of tight pants. It is popular and well-known. The question is: is using this cloth in its different types other than tight pants, meaning using its durability and good quality, does it enter into imitating the disbeliever?

Answer: “Imitating means that a person does something that specific to imitating them. So if this cloth or other than it is in a form that imitates the clothes of the disbelievers, then it enters into imitation. As for if the clothing of the disbelievers is simply from this cloth, however, if it is cut in another way that is dissimilar to the clothing of the disbelievers, then there is no harm in that as long as it opposes the way of the disbelievers, even if they are known for it, as long as the form is not what the disbelievers wear”.

[Liqaa Bab al-Maftooh no.16]

Translator’s Note:

Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan hafidhuhallah was asked:

Question: What is the ruling on wearing pants,jeans, sports suits, and ties?

Shaikh: I don’t know these things. Jeans? What are these jeans?

Answer: “The clothing which is specific to the disbelievers, do not wear them. As for clothing that is shared, which the Muslims wear, then this is not imitating”.


Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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