The Ruling on Facebook – Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali al-Hajoori

Question: May Allah increase you in good. They ask in their third question: what is the ruling on participating in the network called Facebook?

Answer: “This network gathers many people from the Muslims, disbelievers, and other than them. Some publications came to us about its condition saying it is a network for spying and network that involves every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

In any case, if they take what they take of your books, your tapes, and your statements, and spread it, then it is not upon you [what they do to it]. For verily the tapes of a speaker or the writings of a writer go to the corners of the world. He does not know what they do with it. He gets the reward for that and whoever treats them bad, then upon him is the sin. On this network, there are pictures and other than that which are on the network, which is [called] Facebook. As for you taking notice of it and entering into it with your name and the likes, along with there being pictures [on it] and many arguments with every Tom, Dick, and Harry from the pious and wicked; Muslim and disbeliever, then I do not advise that”.


Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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