Reciting Qur’an before a Marriage contract – Shaykh Yahya ibn Ali al-Hajoori

Question: What is the ruling on reciting Qur’an before a marriage contract?

Answer: Seeking to recite Qur’an before a marriage contract was not done by the Prophet (ﷺ) and no one from the Companions radiallahu anhu as far as we know. So this is from the innovations:

«من أحدث في أمرنا هذا ما ليس منه فهو رد»
Whoever innovates in this affair of ours what is not from it will have it rejected

[Bukhari and Muslim]

«من عمل عملا ليس عليه أمرنا فهو رد»
Whoever does an action not from our affair will have it rejected

[Bukhari and Muslim]

He recites the Khutbah-tul Haajah (the speech of the need). That is legislated for him. As for reciting Qur’an before the marriage contract or seeking that [the marriage] being in the masjid, likewise holding the hand or hastening to stand before the wali (the guardian) of the woman stands fearing that his wife will be victorious over him. All of this does not have evidence and all of this is from innovations. We ask Allah to rectify the Muslims and that he grant them insight in the Book and Sunnah.

[Taken from al-Iftaa ‘ala asila til-waaridah min dawl shatta pg. 212]

Translated Faisal ibn Abdul Qaadir ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan
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