Ruling on Short Stories – Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al-‘Abbad

Question: Today there is in school an art that is taught. It is called the art of short stories. The students are asked to write on a specific subject in the form of a story from their imagination. So does this enter in the prohibition of storytelling?

Answer Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al-‘Abbad hafidhuhallah: “Storytelling quotes some things, as for this, he invents speech, a speech he imagines. So in the likes of this, a person should be eager in using realities, real things and he should story tell about real things, which he explains and clarifies. He does not imagine anything because he might quotes something not true. It is necessary that his speech be something that is realistic and he communicates with his style and it is a realistic matter, not imaginary.


[Taken from Sharh Sunan Ibn Majah no. 267]

Translated by Faisal ibn Abdul Qaadir ibn Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan
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