Number of Steps a Praying Person Can Take to Reach a Sutrah – Shaikh Al-Albani

Questioner: Shaikh, a praying person comes late to the congregational prayer and he missed three raka’at of dhuhr, then the Imam ends the prayer. What is the amount [of steps] he can walk in order to take a sutrah?

Shaikh: He takes [an amount of] steps such that if he was seen, no one will say “he is not praying”.

Questioner: And if he finds someone who says that he he is not praying, [does that mean] this is a lot of walking?

Shaikh: We said he does not walk. He does not take [an amount of] steps which if someone outside of the prayer saw him, he would think that he is not praying because a lot of actions is what nullifies the prayer”

[Taken from Silsilatul Huda wan-nur no. 290 found here: https://www.alalbany.net/1003 ]

Translated by

Faisal ibn Abdul Qaadir ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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