The Ruling on Using Manikins – The Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Verdicts

Question: What the people often ask about, especially the businessmen in this time, is what is called a manikin. It is a body of a complete woman without a head. Some business owners display women’s clothing on it. It is a fitnah (trial) for the youth to expose the form of a woman with a chest and waist. So what is your opinion [about this]? Is it correct for a man from the religious police to prevent these things? Please give us a verdict, may Allah reward you.

Answer: [After the committee studied the issue they answered] “if it is as mentioned, then using this image impermissible. This is due to the fitnah in it because it resembles the body parts of a woman and the beauty of her body. That is a means that will lead to using the image of a complete woman. So it is obligatory to prevent using these images in the stores.

With Allah is Tawfeeq”

Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and verdicts


Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz

Salih al-Fawzan
Abdul-Aziz Ala Shaikh
Bakr Abu Zaid

[Taken from: https://goo.gl/pZVD15 ]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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