[Benefit] The Prohibition of Nutmeg

Imam Ibn Hajr al-Haytami rahimahulllah  said:

Major sin number 170: Consuming a pure intoxicant, like hashish (cannabis), opium, Shaykraan, which is an anesthetic, and like Anbar, Saffron, and Nutmeg…That which the Imam, al-Mujtahid Shaikhul Islaam Ibn Daqiq al-Eid clarified is that nutmeg is an intoxicant. It was recorded from him by the latter Scholars from the Shafiyyah and Malikiyyah. They relied upon his statement and prohibited it due to that. Rather, Ibn ‘Imaad exaggerated and made hashish (cannabis) the analogy for the mentioned nut…”

[az-Zawaajir ‘an Iqtiraaf al-Kaabir (1/355)]

Imam adh-Dhahabi rahimahullah said:

It acts similar to hashish (cannabis). The unemployed people add Saffron to it and become intoxicated so as to have a pleasurable time, digest their food, and aid them upon evil“.

[at-Tibb an-Nabawi pg. 98]

Shaikh al-Albani rahimahullah was asked:

Question: “Nutmeg, Oh Shaikh?

Shaikh: It is known that a lot of nutmeg is an anesthetic and not an intoxicant, so if it is affirmed through chemical analysis that it intoxicates, then it is haram.

Questioner: a anesthetic is haram?

Shaikh: The anesthetic which is harmful from them is haram…”

[Silsilatul Huda wan-Nur no. 25]


And Allah knows Best

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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