The Ruling on Eating in Restaurants that Sell Intoxicants? – Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbad

Question: Is it allowed to eat at a restaurant that sells intoxicants. However, it is not table of the food of the intoxicant?

Answer: “It is not necessary for a Muslim to eat at this restaurant which sells intoxicants even if it is not on the table which the food is upon. He should take his food and go to his house and eat it there instead of sitting and eating with these people who drink intoxicants. This is if he cannot find anything else. So he takes what is permissible and leaves off what is unlawful”.

[Sharh Sunan Abi Dawood no. 426]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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