Some Rulings on the Ettiquettes of Riding in an Airplane – Shaikh Ibn ul-‘Uthaymeen

Question: The harms of cell phones on the Aeronautics machinery in the plane is established. Using the cellphone on the plane exposes the plane to danger. So what is the ruling on passengers using cell phones aboard the plane? Knowing that the administration absolute prevents using cellphones while aboard the plane?

Answer: “If the administration absolutely prevents using it, then it is not allowed to use it, even if it does not influence the plane because the plane is owned by those responsible for it. If the owner of the plane or the one responsible for it affirms that the cell phone cannot be used, then it is not allowed to be used even if there is no harm on the plane. If there is harm on the plane, then that is more severe and more severe in prohibition and sin”

[‘Ilaam al-Musaafireen bi ba’d Adaab wa Ahkaam Safar wa Ma Yakhtas al-Malaaheen al-Jawiyyeen pg. 105]

Question: What is the ruling on taking the earphones specially used to listen to the radio channels in the airplane or the blankets or utensils for food or other than that from the equipment prepared for the service of the passengers? Knowing that the administration allows for them to be used on the plane and does not allow for them to be owned?

Answer: “It is not allowed for anyone to take something of this because it is present on the plane. It is only allowed for the passengers to use it, not to own it. Except what is allowed to be owned like the “welcome” magazine which it is written on it that it is a gift. As for what is besides that, then it is not allowed to take it except what the administration allows to be taken”

[‘Ilaam al-Musaafireen bi ba’d Adaab wa Ahkaam Safar wa Ma Yakhtas al-Malaaheen al-Jawiyyeen pg. 104-105]
Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan
Abu Sulaymaan

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