University Housing (Dorms) and Sleeping Alone – Shaikh Al-Albani

Question: Tayyib (good) Oh Shaikh- the Hadith from the Prophet (ﷺ):

نهى أنْ يَبِيتَ الرَّجُل وحده، أو يُسافِر وحَدَه

He prohibited for a man to sleep alone or to travel alone

[Silsilatus-Saheeha no. 60]

If a group of students are in University housing (Dorms) with every person in a room, [does that] enter within the prohibition or not?

Shaikh: It does if he has a family. So if he does not have a family, so then what does he do?

لا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلاَّ وُسْعَهَا

Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope [2:286]

The legislated ruling is always contingent on capability. So for example: a man has a wife, then he does not sleep far away from her. She does not sleep far away from him.

Shaikh: Clear?

Questioner: Clear.

Shaikh: As for what you have depicted: a student of knowledge has a specific room for himself and the others like that. So if the school’s system is like that, in that each student sleeps in his room and sometimes some behavior/ethical problems occur if there is not between them sanctity.

[Fataawa ar-Raabigh no. 6]

Translated by Faisal ibn Abdul Qaadir ibn Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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