The Ruling on Two People Speaking That the Third Person Does Not Understand – Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbad

Question: If two people are talking in a language which the third person does not understand, does this enter in the prohibition of two speaking to exclusion of the third?

Answer: “It is the same, whether they speak a language he knows or a language a he does not know. If he is left alone by them speaking and he is excluded without anyone to speak with. If they do not know his language, then he will not benefit from talking with them. This is because he does not understand what they are saying. If they say: “Come”, so he sits with them and he listens to their speech, then he will not benefit unless he knows their language. Then this will hurt him”.

[Sharh Sunan Tirmidhi no. 307]

Translated by

Faisal Ibn Abdul Qaadir Ibn Hassan

Abu Sulaymaan

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